The Franciscan way of life continues in our time, no less than in ages past, to attract many men and women who are thirsting for gospel perfection and seeking the kingdom of God.
(Pope John Paul II Approval of TOR Rule 1982)

We are one family within the worldwide family of St Francis of Assisi. We invite you to share something of our  lives and our relationship with God and with all people, our brothers and sisters in the one family of God.

This is the form of life of the Brothers and Sisters of the
Third Order Regular of St Francis: to observe the holy gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ, by living in Obedience, in Poverty and in Chastity.
(TOR Rule Ch 1)

Fraternity - God calls us into communion with each other. Together as sisters in Jesus Christ we live our call and embrace the worldwide family as brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.

If you feel drawn to our way of life and are

  • aware of an inner attraction from God to seek religious life
  • single and unattached
  • aged between 18 - 40 years
  • practising Roman catholic
  • mentally and physically fit
  • capacity to live in community

then we invite you to contact any one of our convents directly or via our vocations site:

Sister Patricia Jordan
  Mother General.

-   the  good news is that God is real and He continually creates us in love.

Minority - we take to ourselves the call to be 'little ones'. We do not desire status or prestige, but desire to live as sisters to all people and to all creation.

Conversion - we aim for a conversion of our hearts. Daily we turn to God to receive His love and to share His love.

Contemplation - we gaze upon the humanity of Jesus Christ and are caught up in a life of love towards God and all people.