The Brothers and Sisters shall love the Lord with all their heart, with all their soul and mind and with all their strength, and they shall love their neighbour as themselves. Let them glorify the Lord in all that they do. He has sent them into the world to bear witness by word and deed to His voice and to proclaim to everyone that he alone is the Almighty Lord.
(TOR Rule Ch 9)

This leads us among our brothers and sisters in various ministries, including education; nursing from conception (pro-life) to death (care of the elderly) and AIDS patients; child care; retreat and prayer accompaniment; parish ministry; catechetical and youth work.

Sister Winnie prepares the altar in the Potriuncula Hermitage, Clay Cross, Derbyshire

making available to others the enjoyment of God

The Brothers and Sisters have been called to heal the wounded, mend the broken, and bring back those who have gone astray
(TOR Rule Ch 9)

South Africa

St Theresa's Zibambeleni Project
This project started when a few children came to the convent looking for food and now we have a wonderful building where we are able to provide about 70 children with a good meal every day. This is a new project to add to the ministries of parish catechesis; AIDS outreach; nursing; teaching; running an orphanage and training new Sisters in our novitiate.

                                                                             Sr Barbara with some of the children enjoying their meal

There are also rooms for women to learn sewing skills. From here the Sisters visit families and bring food parcels when needed.

                                                                                              Sr Sindi teaching sewing

Sister Margaret sharing the 'Good News' with some children


Sister Lisette nursing the elderly in our Nursing Home, Glasgow

Saint Francis believed that we are given the grace of serving and working. It is in this spirit of minority, that we as Minoress sisters, God's 'little ones' approach our different ministries. As Minoress sisters we bring to our apostolates a witness to Gospel values in a spirit of poverty, simplicity and joy. We give expression to the spirit of our Foundress Mother Francis through our preference for the poor and those in need and through all our pastoral activities.

(FSM Constitutions)


Sister Valerie teaching in our primary school

As Franciscan Minoress Sisters 'God's little ones' we work in simplicity and humility, to build up God's kingdom by extending the love peace and joy of Christ to all whom we meet.

Sister Dolorosa parish visiting

Sister Margaret at administrative tasks

As a Congregation, and as individuals, we strive to be aware of the needs of the time and, as far as is in keeping with our charism and available talents to respond to new demands.

Sister Roberta preparing a meal in the hermitage

Sister Anthony our artist at work

As long as you did it for one of these, the least of my brothers and sisters, you did it for Me (Mt.25:40)

Sister Dorothy Paul nursing the sick in a local hospital

Towards the end of his life Saint Francis said:

I have done what was mine to do may Christ teach you yours.

Is Christ calling YOU to the fullness of life and love as a Franciscan Minoress Sister in the service of your brothers and sisters?